Amorsupply FAQs

Is Amorsupply Inc. a Legit company?

On March 10, 2020 The State of Texas filed the certificate of formation of Amorsupply, to certify that Amorsupply is now a Company recognized by the State of Texas.  File number 803568970.  Click link and type in Amorsupply and you can verify this information.

Who owns Amorsupply Inc? 

Amorsupply is owned by a Sole owner by the name of Cory Henderson.  Mr. Henderson is a 21 year veteran of the Houston Fire Department. 

History of Amorsupply Inc.

Amorsupply was created as a DBA approximately 15 years ago, due to wanting to provide products to fellow fireman for lower prices then normal box stores.  In 2017 Ylppusroma Inc was created, due to Legalzoom stating that It was not able to make the official name Amorsupply.  2020 Amorsupply was then filed under the original name wanted.  And at this time Amorsupply Inc. is now a website.

What is Pre Order?

Pre Order items are not in stock.  Items that will be back in stock and have not been discontinued by the distributors/manufacturers.  These items are take some time to get back in stock and will be sent out when they come available.  Your tracking number will be updated to your order and sent in an email to you.

Why does my Pre Order have to be paid in full?

Amorsupply uses one of the biggest United States Distribution company.  And the products are ordered directly from the Distribution straight to you.  With the size of the distribution company they get the product and send it out immediately.

Can Customers get refunds on orders?

Any orders that have not been sent out is subject to a full refund for any products that have not been sent to the customers.  Just send an email to, and your refund will be processed as soon as email is received.

If an item in stock how long does it take to be shipped out?

Amorsupply sends out all in stock products within 5 to 7 business days.


Can an Order be returned?

Anything that arrives to you broken or not what was originally ordered can be returned.  Any clothing items can be returned.  ITEMS VIEWED AS MEDICAL CANNOT i.e. Sanitizers, Over The Counter  Medications, Medical Devices.