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2 'n 1 Rug Spotter Rtu, Light Floral Scent, Liquid, 1 Qt. Bottle, 12-carton

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General-purpose, ready-to-use water-based spotter. Removes most oil- and water-based spots and stains. Use for daily spotting as well as for spotting prior to carpet cleaning. The formulation is pH balanced for stain-resistant carpets and safe for natural fiber carpets. Contains no phosphorous. Application: Carpet/Upholstery Spot/Stain Remover; Applicable Material: Natural Textiles; Synthetic Textiles; Carpet; Upholstery; Dirt Types: Food Debris; Grease; Grime; Oil-Based Soil; Organic Matter; Spills; Water-Based Soil; Scent: Light Floral.
Package Includes: Includes 12 1-quart bottles per case.