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Bladesafe Antimicrobial Tape Gun W-tape, 3" Core, Metal-plastic, Orange

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The Duck® Brand BladeSafe® Tape Gun offers heavy-packing tape users the protection from cutting themselves on the job. Featuring our patented BladeSafe® design, this retractable blade helps protect you while you're cutting the tape. Antimicrobial treated foam handle reduces microorganisms and germs on the product. Plus, the foam handle makes it comfortable and frustration free while you're taping up your boxes for a move or shipping and packing your items. The tape dispenser was also designed to ensure that your tape goes on smoothly so you can dispense tape efficiently and effectively to get the job done. Tape Dispenser Type: Handheld; For Tape Width: 2"; For Tape Length: 60 yds; Core Size: 3".
Package Includes: One 2" x 60yd roll of HP260 packaging tape