Discreet Sensitive Bladder Protection Liners, Very Light, X-Long,44-pk,3pk-ctn

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Don't let leaks trouble you any more, with a discreet liner that absorbs leaks and odors in seconds, providing light overactive bladder protection right where you need it. Featuring a thin, flexible design, these liners were made with you in mind. Unique DualLock Core helps lock away odor and wetness for hours. Exclusive OdorLock technology neutralizes urine odors instantly. Designed for incredible comfort and confidence, discreet liners provide twice the absorbency most women need, neutralizing odors and letting you get back to your normal life. Features an easy-open re-sealable wrapper for discreet incontinence liner disposal. Lightly scented are dermatologically tested. Long Length, 44 Pack, 3 Packs/Carton. Absorbency: Very Light.