Durable Multi-Surface Id Labels, 1 1-4 X 3 1-2, White, 40-pack

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Extra-strong, ultra-permanent adhesive sticks securely to wood, metal, glass, rough plastic, cement and more. Durable, scuff- and tear-resistant material withstands exposure to moisture and moderately strong cleaners, such as: ammonia, multipurpose cleaners, hand and surface sanitizers, bleach and soap. Great for quick labeling of tools, equipment, parts bins and various objects in nearly any environment: offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, maintenance shops, etc. Handwrite with permanent marker to ensure long-lasting identification (standard ink may wash off). Not for use with copiers or printers. Shape: Rectangular; Label Size - text: 1.25 x 3.5; Label Color(s): White; Color Family: White.