Flat Screen & Monitor Cleaner, Pleasant Scent, 8 Oz Bottle, 2-pack

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Get a lean, mean, clean screen, with a non-abrasive formula designed specifically for cleaning flat screens. Specially formulated for all flat screens, including LED, LCD, plasma, laptops, notebooks, iPads, iPhones, smartphones, computer monitors, scanners, cameras and more. No ammonia. Will not harm or dry out surfaces. Leaves no streaks or chemical residue. Removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Helps screens and lenses stay cleaner longer. Twin Pack with Shammy—Handy twin pack includes a shammy for easy cleaning. Application: All Flat Screens; Smart Screens; LED Screens; LCD Screens; Plasma Screens; Laptops; iPads; iPhones; Smartphones; Computer Monitors; Scanners; Televisions; Cameras; Chemical Compound: Glycols; Inert Ingredients; Dirt Types: Dust: Dirt; Fingerprints; Scent: Pleasant.
Package Includes: Two Bottles and a Shammy Cloth