Granite Cleaner And Polish, Citrus Scent, 24 Oz Bottle

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Granite cleaner and polish safely removes grease, grime and surface stains while visibly reducing surface scratches. When used regularly, it cleans, brightens and shines granite, marble and many other stone surfaces. It reverses dullness to reveal natural colors and veining. Removes grease, soil, stains and watermarks. Works to enhance the natural color and beauty of the stone. Its versatility and effectivenes make it a must-have cleaning essential. Application: Countertops; Applicable Material: Granite; Marble; Quartz; Onyx; Travertine; Limestone; Slate; Laminate; Porcelain; Ceramic; Tile; Fiberglass; Non-Porous Hard, Sealed Surfaces; Dirt Types: Grease; Grime; Surface Stains; Scent: Citrus.