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Grez-Off Heavy-Duty Degreaser, 32oz Spray Bottle, 12-carton

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Quickly and easily degrease the gunkiest engines and parts. Fast-acting surfactants penetrate, permeate and remove grime, heavy grease, lubricants, crude oil, hydraulic fluid, tar and more. The degreaser formula is water-based, solvent-free, non-combustible, non-flammable and fume-free. Application: Degreaser/Cleaner; Applicable Material: Asphalt; Ceramics; Cement/Concrete; Enamel; Fiberglass; Laminates; Metal; Plaster; Plastic; Rubber; Vinyl; Dirt Types: Grease; Grime; Hydraulic Fluid; Lubricants; Oil-Based Soil; Tar; Scent: Unscented.
Package Includes: Includes 12 bottles.